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For our customers
Accommodating customers is one of our most important goals. You will be welcomed by a professional, educated, and trained staff. We offer the best in laser tattoo removal. We are happy to provide information with honest, up-to-date answers. Understanding the reasons behind Tattoo Removal and respecting them, D-Ink was created by passion not profit.
Quality, service & Safety
At D-Ink, we provide safe, high quality, and affordable laser tattoo removal with an emphasis on minimizing discomfort. We offer flexible scheduling, competitive pricing, and multiple payment plans. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable staff. If an in person appointment is a challenge. We can also provide information, quotes, and scheduling via phone, text, or email. We serve the diverse needs of the community.
About Staff
At D-Ink, you will be welcomed by professional, educated, and trained staff offering the best in laser tattoo removal options.

Dina Kotova, CNP
Medical Director

A dedicated nurse practitioner with a stellar academic background. This includes education in the US and Russian Federation. Over 30 years of diverse clinical experience including acute and primary care settings. Ms Kotova is an appreciated and valuable member of the D-Ink staff.

Dawn Maestas
Certified Laser Tech, Laser Safety Officer, Licensed Esthetician, Laser Tatttoo Consultant

Attending the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, AZ Ms Maestas earned certifications in all areas of cosmetic lasering and mechanical skin treatments. Specializing in Laser Tattoo Removal since 2008. Former co-owner of Lazarus LLC. Recognized by various organizations and media outlets for her work with transitional and victims of violence tattoos.

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    Has life changed?
    Trouble finding work or advancing your career?
    Joining the armed forces?

Affordable Pricing


  • Example: 3 dots, tear drop, cross.
  • Multiple colors can affect pricing.
  • Multiple colors can affect pricing.
  • Price determinted by size and ink content. Larger or multiple removals increases discount.

Pricing/quote provided by phone, text, or email.

In-office consultations by appointment only.

Payment options accepted: cash, check, money order, credit/debit cards.

Gift certificates available.

Discounts given for multiple tattoos removal, referrals, and package deals.

Financing and payment plans available, in-house or through local financing options.

Call/Text: (505) 220-6629 or email for more information.

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    Payment plans available
    On-call aftercare, 24 hours
    Flexible scheduling




How does laser tattoo removal work?

The laser, is not what removes the ink. The laser breaks down the ink. Making it possible, for an individual's body, to remove the ink at a faster rate. Tattoos are never accepted by the body and are seen as, foreign bodies. The body continually works at removing the tattoo or tattoos. The process is slow and usually will not be completed in a lifetime without the assistance of a laser.

What is the ink removal process?

Lasers contain multiple wavelengths that are attracted to the different colors of ink. The laser's energy then targets and breaks the ink into smaller particles. The ink is not lifted but absorbed into the body. Once absorbed, the body expels the ink, through the individual's lymphatic system or waste system. Removal can be affected by an individual's health or lifestyle.

What kind of laser is used?

At D-Ink, we use state of the art equipment. Don't be fooled by the term "gold standard". Gold standard refers to the body of the laser not the brand. A 1064 ND YAG short pulse or also called quick pulse, is the gold standard for tattoo removal. We use, Quanta's Q plus C, which contains 3 true laser wavelengths. These wavelengths provide treatment on a wide range of colors.

How do we determine pricing?

Pricing is determined not only by size, but content of ink. There is a large difference between an outline and a tattoo that is fully shaded. Example: A tribal tattoo. To ensure the best possible pricing, both will be considered. At D-Ink, we decided to put some standard sizes and pricing. This covers a majority of tattoos and makes it simple for clients to obtain a quote. However, we are always happy and willing to discuss quotes, payment options, and a need for a payment plan. As well as, discounts and specials. You never know, unless you ask.

How many sessions will it take to remove a tattoo?

Honestly, we don't know. The national guideline is between 1-15 treatments. Having an average of 12 listed. This guideline is reflected by combining all tattoos. This number we consider high. On average we see most tattoos remove between 6-8 treatments. Don't let someone promise or guarantee a number of treatments. Chances are you will be disappointed. That being said, more focus should be put on the time it takes to remove a tattoo vs the number of treatments. On average a tattoo can take anywhere from 1 month to 2 years to successfully be removed. There are many factors that play in the timing.

How often can a treatment be done?

Treatments can be done no sooner than 4weeks from the previous treatment. After that, it is at the discretion of the individual. Between 4-8 weeks is the average. The body plays a large part in the removal process. A true statement regarding laser tattoo removal is, the longer between treatments, the longer it takes to remove a tattoo but with less treatments.

Will a tattoo completely disappear?

Yes, it is possible. Remember that the body is continually working on removing the ink. Remnants or shadowing can also occur, due to certain factors including scar tissue or resistant ink. Towards the end of the removal, there may be some remnants or shadowing. This does not mean, your tattoo, will not remove. However, you may not need further laser treatments. Your tech will discuss and determine before another treatment is done. At this stage in the process, the tattoo usually fades away on its own between 1-6 months.

Is there or can there be scarring?

Scarring is always a possibility, but it is not common these days due to the advancement of lasers that reduce heat exposure to surrounding tissue. As well as, the safety parameters set in place. More common, is hypo or hyper pigmentation, which is a lightning or darkening of the tissue on or surrounding the tattoo area. This is usually temporary but can become permanent. Discussing concerns and following aftercare instructions will ensure a positive outcome for your tattoo removal.

Is it painful?

This is probably are number one asked question. Discomfort or pain varies by individual. We try to minimize this by using state-of-the art cooling technology, coupled with relaxation techniques. Although, numbing ointments or creams are available. Typically, they are not as successful in relieving the discomfort. Dawn's professionalism, sense of humor, and calming demeanor will help set your mind at ease. Your comfort is one of our highest priorities!

How long will an appointment/session take?

The average appointment takes approximately 15-20 minutes depending on schedule. The average time it takes to do a removal treatment, is dependent on the size, amount of colors and ink content. Example: A postage stamp size tattoo, typically takes between 5-10 seconds.

Ways to prepare for an appointment.

Make sure to eat before your scheduled appointment. At least an hour before. Get a good nights rest. Be aware of anxiousness or stress you may be having. Be positive, patience is unavoidable. If you are taking either prescription or over the counter pain medication. Please let your Tech know. These can sometimes have a opposite affect on discomfort associated with tattoo removal. For women only; please be aware that right before, during, and immediately following a cycle. Your pain tolerance will be lower than usual. Keep this in mind when scheduling. Usually, a four day window before and after is adequate.

Could I be allergic to my ink?

An allergy to ink is more common than expected. There are no FDA requirements or regulations when it comes to tattoo inks. This means no oversight to ingredients, formulation, packaging, storage, or expiration. This increases the chances of an allergic reaction. Individuals may experience constant or occasional itching, swelling of the tattoo, the body may also reject the ink. Please discuss any of these experiences with staff, during consultation, prior to initial treatment.

Can I do Laser Tattoo Removal while pregnant?

NO, this is a better safe than sorry situation. You're tattoo will still be there after your pregnancy. D-Ink will be there to remove it.

Please, let D-Ink staff know if you think you might be pregnant. We care about your safety,as well as, that baby to be!

Tattoo removal for military enlistment

I'm thinking of joining the military and need to have a tattoo(s) removed?

First, discuss with your recruiter your tattoos and their requirements. (Depending on different armed forces.) Army, Air Force,etc. Second, come to a clear agreement as to exactly which tattoos need to be removed. If a partial removal of a tattoo is needed please provide those outlines or measurements. Example: A v-neck removal out of a tattoo. Please show all tattoos to the recruiter, even if you think they are acceptable.

The removal process should be a priority, following your discussion with a recruiter. Most hesitate and delay the start of removal. This is what takes the longest to complete and can stall the enlistment process.

Tattoo removal for cover-ups etc.

Can I get a cover up after removal?

Absolutely, you may need less treatments than a complete removal. For the best possible outcome here is a list of suggestions. First, pick your design or pattern. Only choose what appeals to you. Do not base your decision on what you think might work, for a cover up. Have a connection with your tattoo.

Second, find your artist. Discuss your design and if a cover up is possible. Ask the artist what needs to be removed or lightened. Relay this information to D-Ink staff or arrange to have us discuss their recommendations directly.

Third, keep your artist informed throughout the removal process. Especially, after a few treatments have been done. You may likely need less than expected.

When you have had a desirable number of removal treatments completed and are now ready for your cover up. Please wait an average of 3-6 months from last removal treatment and cover up appointment. This ensures the area is completely healed and lessens the chance of lightening or fading of the new tattoo.

Bleed outs or also called blow outs?

This is where the tattoo has the appearance of spreading to surrounding tissue. There are a few causes where this can occur.

D-Ink can clean up the bleed out, while protecting the original tattoo.

Misspelling or a piece of a tattoo that needs correction?

D-Ink can remove the area that needs correction with little to no disturbance to the surrounding area.


Due to certain causes a tattoo can become discolored. After a consultation and test spot, We at D-Ink , may possibly be able to restore the color.

Blurring or an aged tattoo?

After consulting with D-Ink staff. Cleaning blurred lines, restoring vibrancy of color, and defining original tattoo is a possibility. Call to discuss the options.







Free Tattoo Removal Clinic

Saturday, October 1st
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

First come, first serve.

  • One removal session per person.
  • Tattoo must be visible.
  • Hands, wrist bone down, face, and neck.

If you have any questions, please call D-ink at (505) 220-6629.

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    May require less treatments
    Opens up more options for cover-up
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    We'll work closely with your tattoo artist




Coming soon



  • We offer a free tattoo removal clinic twice per year.
  • Dates are subject to change.
  • One removal treatment per person.
  • Tattoo must be visible (hands, neck, face).
  • Contact us for dates and times.
  • Free removal for victims of violence (domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual violence).
  • Tattoos are subject to approval by D-ink staff.
  • Contact us for more information.

Tattoo Removal can be for, as simple as, a reflection of change. A transition from one place in life to another. It can be an obstacle to finding employment, advancing in a career, or joining the armed forces.


For some it is a barrier, to transitioning back into society. Gang or Incarceration tattoos (called transitional tattoos at D-Ink) Usually, because of the visibility on individuals, it is not only a reminder of their past. But, serves as a constant judgement and non acceptance from society. These tattoos no longer represent, the individual, who wears them. These types of tattoos and their removal must be a part of rehabilitation. Help us give them a chance! Bettering an individual, Creates a better community!


When I started, Laser Tattoo Removal, I could not have imagined my past would collide with my work. I will never forget my first client and my heart sinks each time another comes through the doors. These tattoos are a true example that anything can be used as a weapon. Whether forced or to appease, these tattoos cause constant painful reminders, to those who bear them. These victims are true fighters, working towards survival each day. Help us make that fight successful by removing the brands that bind them!

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    Free tattoo removal clinic
    Free tattoo removal for victims of violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking
    Donate, help change a life



At D-Ink, we take pride in providing high quality and affordable tattoo removal. We make every effort to accomodate our clients. Please give us a testimonial and rating.






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Office consultations by appointment only.

You may send an email to: d.inktatremoval@gmail.com. For an online quote, please provide a brief description as well as length and width of each tattoo. You may also send a photo(s) to ensure the best possible quote. Please allow 24-48 for a response. Thank you!